Darlington transistor vs mosfet

Basic Electronics - MOSFET. FETs have a few disadvantages like high drain resistance, moderate input impedance and slower operation. To overcome these disadvantages, the MOSFET which is an advanced FET is invented. MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor or Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.65Kb / 1P. PNP SILICON DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR (SWITCHING REGULATORS PWM INVERTERS SOLENOID AND RELAY DRIVERS) ON Semiconductor. TIP127. 144Kb / 7P. Plastic Medium-Power Complementary Silicon Transistors. STMicroelectronics. TIP127. 616Kb / 13P.

B) I would go with the AOZ1284, tune the output voltage by ~2v, then feed an emitter follower darlington transistor buffer (1k to base, 47uf to GND) with a 200 ohm pulldown on the 5v output and 100ohm pulldown on the 3.3v output (1/4 watt) to cancel out the darlington's internal resistors and keep them switched on.
The IRFZ44N is a common MOSFET that has a turn-on voltage below 5V, can carry 49A and costs 20p. See the data sheet. I will order some NPN transistors (2N222) and some Darlington transistors (TP122) for higher currents. Those are the ones that I could find at a low price and they seem to do the job. Does that sound reasonable? Doesn't make ...
Darlington Transistors Darlington transistors (Darlington pairs) are semiconductor devices that combine two bipolar transistors in a single device. They provide high current gain (commonly written ß) and require less space than configurations that use two discrete transistors.
This is an area where the term 'super transistor' really comes into its own, because the compound pair version shown above has over 5 times as much gain in an otherwise identical circuit using Darlington pairs (the voltage gain is 296 vs. 58).
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How to use these transistors with an Arduinohttp://www.bristolwatch.com/index.htm
The gain is the ratio of the current in R1 (in this case, about 2.5mA), to the current in the load: a 1A load will need a gain of 400. So-called Darlington transistors, such as the TIP112 (1A, 100V) provide high gain at high currents.
The Darlington transistor is a semiconductor device that is composed of two transistors connecting the emitter of one to the base of the other. The resulting circuit creates a transistor equivalent with larger current-handling capabilities and greater current gain (hFE) across the device.
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Figure 6 shows that the insulated gate bipolar transistor is a three terminal, transconductance device that combines an insulated gate N-channel MOSFET input with a PNP bipolar transistor output connected in a type of Darlington configuration. As a result, the terminals are labelled as Collector, Emitter and Gate.
The MOSFET is either an nMOS or pMOS transistor, shown in Figure 8.41, with three terminals, the gate, drain, and source. Some MOSFETs also have a fourth connection, the bulk or substrate, but with a three-terminal device, the bulk is internally connected to the source of the transistor.
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